Can advanced periodontitis be cured?

Can advanced periodontitis be cured - Learn more about periodontitis in this informative article by Health With Mms

Can advanced periodontitis be cured?

Can advanced periodontitis be cured?

Advanced gum disease, which is also known as periodontitis, cannot be completely cured. Therefore, it is very important for patients to protect themselves against the development of periodontitis in Omaha, NE. This can be done by practicing good oral hygiene techniques. The damage caused by gingivitis can often be reversed by eliminating the gum infection.

However, periodontitis is more advanced and often damages teeth and gums that is impossible to reverse without extensive dental treatments. Fortunately, there are restorative dentistry procedures that can help repair much of this damage, such as bag reduction surgery, gum grafts to treat gum recession, and bone grafts to treat bone loss in the jaw. If you have lost a tooth, dental implants can stimulate bone growth and prevent the remaining teeth from moving into the space of your smile, while restoring the function and appearance of missing teeth. The first step in treating periodontal disease is a conservative, non-surgical approach called root scraping and smoothing (SRP).

Scaling and Root Planing: A Procedure to Treat Periodontitis

A dentist or dental hygienist provides this treatment by scraping and removing plaque and tartar from teeth and root surfaces with instruments designed for this purpose. Then, they smooth out any roughness in the roots to prevent bacteria from easily accumulating again. This procedure can sometimes require more than one visit. Administering a local anaesthetic can help avoid any discomfort.

After this process, the gums will heal and reattach to the clean, healthy surfaces of the teeth. In a few weeks, your dentist will evaluate your healing and decide if treatment needs to be continued. Periodontitis is the most serious form of gum disease. The symptoms include all those that occur with gingivitis, as well as some others that have much more serious consequences.

The Scary Consequences of Untreated Periodontitis: Gum Retraction, Tooth Loss, and More

Some of the scariest side effects of periodontitis are gum retraction, gums that separate from the teeth, and tooth loss. If periodontitis is allowed to progress uncontrollably, it can eventually have irreversible consequences. The gums are an important part of the structure of the mouth. When they begin to retract and separate from the teeth, which can occur with severe periodontitis, the stability of the teeth is jeopardized.

Your teeth can't stay healthy when you have a severely sick gum. Periodontitis can develop when gingivitis is allowed to progress without intervention. Being older can make periodontitis more likely. In addition, if you smoke, take certain medications, or have other health conditions, your susceptibility to periodontitis may increase.

Effective Treatment Options for Periodontitis: From Deep Cleaning to Laser Gum Surgery

Periodontitis can be cured in some situations, but it's more difficult than simply improving your oral hygiene routine. For some people, sadly, there's a point where a cure isn't possible and the only option is to control symptoms. Effective treatment of periodontitis involves more invasive treatment options, such as scraping and root smoothing (deep cleaning), periodontal surgery, and laser gum surgery. If you have developed periodontitis, you will need the help of your dentist for effective treatment.

If the situation is serious and not diagnosed in time, many periodontal specialists opt for other complex treatments in which periodontal surgery is very likely to be the proposed treatment. They are also incredibly easy to care for because they require the same oral hygiene as natural teeth, making it easier to prevent future problems of periodontitis or tooth decay in the remaining teeth. In addition to implementing healthy lifestyle habits, such as reducing sugar intake and activating a complete daily oral hygiene routine, your dentist will recommend that you closely monitor your periodontal health with more frequent checkups and oral care appointments. I have been developing a practice for more than 20 years specializing in exactly that, and now I give numerous lectures on the topic of non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, including aggressive periodontitis.

Aggressive periodontitis is a disease very similar to high blood pressure and diabetes, which, although unfortunately cannot be completely cured, can be controlled and managed exceptionally well with medical treatment and specialized aftercare. We have a standard membership plan for adults and a periodontal therapy plan, which may be useful if you have a history of periodontitis. This is the preferred surgical treatment for aggressive periodontitis, as suggested by many periodontitis experts. .

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